RV equals ouR Vehicle
Young couple on remote beach with their Lovebug RV
“Our vehicle can go anywhere
     it’s towed to!”

Lovebug gives of the freedom to go where other RVs may not go. Starting at a mere $5800 it’s the perfect trailer for short, quick getaways, remote travelling, and budget camping. Sleeping comfortably 1 to 2 adults and with overall lengths ranging from 11 to 17 feet these lite-weights start at only 940 lbs. and come in every colour in the rainbow from green, pink and tan to orbit red and quick-silver...

Lovebugs are good for...

These quad’rs took theirs high on a
mountain top

This couple parked on a deserted

  • Freedom which allows the smallest car to travel to places which were only accessible to those with large trucks or SUVs
  • Security from the elements and whatever else nature may have in store for you
  • Fun for the whole family, even the kids can have sleepovers in the backyard or front driveway - you don’t have to go far to enjoy the convenience of a Lovebug
Couple quading high on a mountain top with their Lovebug open image
Couple parked on a deserted beach with their Lovebug open image

Great for tailgate parties, weekend shopping extravaganzas out of town, family reunions, hiking and biking trips to the mountains or your favorite park. Travel North America at a fraction of the cost of other types of travel, narrow, off the beaten path trails will not hold you back - the possibilities are endless.

Now everyone can experience the joy of RV travel without the expense of large tow vehicles or motorhomes.

Advantages to the Lovebug

barely any setup required, just park it, and can easily be moved by one person in most instances - just bring along all your regular camping gear
large queen-sized beds in the 5 wide models, easy access and cross-ventilation from both sides, high-speed ceiling fan which can bring air in or out, 12 volt and 110 volt receptacles with converters on most models
to buy or finance with any tight budget - we’ll even help
design, workmanship and materials - virtually indestructable Molded Gel Coat one-piece fiberglass body - not only will you turn heads when you drive down the highway with this sporty pleasure machine, it will last a lifetime
your new Lovebug with graphics from your favorite team or sport - also great for promoting your business or profession - and can’t be beat for Club functions
your Lovebug to give you even more convenience and fun - try bike racks, tents, bug screens, kayak racks, entertainment systems and kitchen/camping equipment

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The Inventory

2015 COACHMEN, 190CB
2015 COACHMEN, 260QB

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